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The foundation of the Fitness Pyramid is Nutrition. Then comes Metabolic Conditioning (Endurance), Gymnastics (Agility, Balance, & Coordination), and Weightlifting (Strength). The very top of the pyramid is Sport. In other words, when you consistently work at each area of the pyramid you will be a better overall athlete.

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The athlete we will be profiling is a glutton for punishment. He makes a Sunday afternoon; Marathon Row look like a piece of cake. He enjoys hanging around the bar…the pull up bar that is.

Massimo is a great athlete, a great friend, and a lot of fun to have in the family. He is the first person so cheer others on. His work ethic is incredible, and as he explains, he loves the long distance, endurance based workouts. The last two years, during the rowing challenge, Massimo completed his 100,000 Meters in half the session as anyone else. This year, he reached his goal of completing a full marathon on the rower. That’s 27 miles and it took just over 3 hours! That’s dedication!

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This is just one example of his dedication and perseverance…what impresses me most about Massimo.  After getting injured in The World’s Toughest Mudder, a 24 hour obstacle race event, he trained harder than ever and accomplished his goal was the third oldest man to complete the 50 mile event.

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The Spartan Race season is upon us and that’s why this was the perfect opportunity to spotlight an athlete who has really worked hard to compete in a sport that he loves. I know Massimo wishes all the athletes competing this weekend Good Luck.

And, if you need to carb load before the upcoming Open workout this weekend….. Massimo can handle that too! Seriously. Massimo is a chef in the best Italian restaurant I have ever been to…and Yes. That does include Italy!  Veneto Trattoria on Scottsdale Rd. just North of McDonald is incredible.

Thanks for being such an inspiring member of the WildFire Family Massimo! Continue to live with positivity and passion. Congratulations on all your incredible accomplishments.

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Azzie put together a short video of Massimo, talking about his WildFire experience, some of his accomplishments, The World’s Toughest Mudder, and his marathon Row. Hear it from him…

We asked Massimo several questions about his experience at WildFire and his background, and here’s what he had to say…

Were you are from?

I grew up in Jesolo. Jesolo is a town on the beach just outside of Venice Italy on the Adriatic

Sea. Where I studied, and worked in the Culinary Business.

How long you have lived in Phoenix?

After 5 years, I was living in England; I bought a ticket to travel around the world for three

months. First stop was in the USA in 1990, and I stayed for few weeks, then I left to finish the

rest of the tour. I came back in 1991 and worked at Bice Corporation Restaurants as Culinarily

Chef in many different states Arizona, Georgia, Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Michigan

and California, and back in Phoenix and working at Veneto trattoria since 1997.

How did you hear about CrossFit?

A friend of mine explained to me about the concept of the CrossFit program. I was interested

and looked up on the website and after some research I found a few CrossFit facilities, after

checking locations and reviewing I chose Wildfire.

Tell us about your first experience with Wildfire CrossFit?

Well my first experience at Wildfire was on the Memorial Day 2014 “Murph” the Wod , after

wards I signed up with coach “Kern “and all the athletes looking at me with a strange expression

like “are you sure do you want start today?” maybe he will not be back tomorrow! ecc…” I did

the Murph workout and Wow I like this kind of thing, so since the day I am here average 5 days

a week.

What is your favorite part about Wildfire CrossFit?

There are more than one favorite parts; but one is that when I’m in on facility, it makes me feel

like to be a kid again, and play with this amazing community family.

What did you do for fitness before you find CrossFit?

As teenager. Like most the Italians I played soccer, before joining the CrossFit I was doing road

bike, I did a couple tours of Scottsdale, mountain bike, study and playing golf at ASU, hiking and

regular gym.

How does Wildfire CrossFit compare to what you did before?

At 56 years young, the Wildfire CrossFit gives me to feeling stronger, increase strength with more

energy and endurance, I never had before.

What are your best results?

In two and half years I improved in many different exercises, and all these workouts help me to

finish the 24 hours World’s Toughest Mudder 2016 challenge event.

What is your favorite exercise?

My favorite is the deadlift but I like all the most exercises and the WOD, the least favorite

exercise is the Double Underrrrrr…..


Tuesday Workout


Tuesday, February, 21st 2017


Strength: Deadlift 2-2-2-2-2

WOD: 5 Rounds For Time Of
4 Deadlifts 225/165
8 Hand Release Push Ups
12 Pistols (Alternating – 6 each leg)

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