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Happy 5th Anniversary WildFire!

Our amazing family is celebrating 5 years this weekend!

In the CrossFit world, making it to five years is quite a journey. Yes, we are still a business. We have athletes, we have coaches, we have equipment and programming. But have you really given thought to how much work goes in to keeping a CrossFit gym open? There are no managers. Supervisors do not exist. No secretaries. No assistants. This is a full on 100% team effort from the people who love this place the most. YOU!

We are so thankful to you, our athletes, our community and more. It’s not only the people who run this s**t. It is your dedication, motivation, inspiration that continues to keep this fantastic community the best it can be. For reasons we may not always know, you continue to come back and give us your bloody hands, sweat angels and chalk monsters. For that we say THANK YOU.

Wait, there’s more!!!

Make sure you’re here on Saturday AT 6:30! Celebrating us!
We are evolving, growing, and keeping up the excitement. It really is a fun thing to see everyone dressed in regular clothes. It almost becomes a game. Guess who that is? The only time of the year where we dress up the gym too. There will be plenty of food and beverages. We also give out some awesome awards. Not the boring most likelys. These actually have meaning. You don’t want to miss out on this! We added a new category, social butterfly. Can you guess who won? Then there are the two most important ones, Spirit of WildFire and Athlete of the Year. These athletes are in for a surprise. You definitely wanna be here to see their reactions.

So, come out on Saturday. Mingle with new faces. Get in some fun times. Enjoy in the awesome atmosphere that you have helped create. After all, WE RUN SH*T!!!!

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