It’s finally here, the 2017 Crossfit Games! So many of us competed in The Open this year, watched Regionals and now the top athletes around the world are competing in Madison, WI this weekend for the title, FITTEST ON EARTH!


It’s one of the most exciting sporting events to watch and a true test of fitness. The athletes have worked hard to get to the Games and all have the goal to podium. They will be tested across broad time and modal domains and quickly adapt to the known and the unknowable.


I decided to ask the Wildfire Crossfit Coaches why they love the Games, why you should watch or just anything they wanted to share about their experience with the Crossfit Games and here’s what they had to say.


Coach Jamie: “I love the new faces that shine in the events each year. There is always someone you aren’t expecting who does something incredible. Shows the importance of being well rounded and how everyone has something that’s in their wheelhouse.”


Coach Gary: “The culmination of the blood, sweat, tears, and triumphs that occur in our community is what I love about the CrossFit games. It is the once a year opportunity to celebrate our achievements and get inspired for what is to come until the next Open and CrossFIt Games. A little bit of each of us shines through to the world on this grand stage.”


Coach Nicole:  “I love watching the sport of fitness evolve. It puts everyday training into perspective and you get to see how dedicated and bada** those athletes are.”


Coach Stasik: “The attitude of the athletes to take on and conquer anything and everything they are tasked with. I also love seeing the imagination and deliberation that goes into planning the workouts. One of the best things is watching those athletes compete and do movements we do ourselves all the time. Seeing how awesome they are is inspirational and because we do the same movements at Wildfire, we have perspective on just how hard it is to do what they do at that level.”



Coach Bri: “We all had a day one of CrossFit. These elite athletes also had a day one. To see how much heart, soul and dedication they give to be the fittest on earth is inspiring and keeps us going to be the best we can be.”


Coach Kern: “Many of us grew up playing some type of sport as a kid, whether it was baseball, football, soccer, etc. Or maybe we were more into music, art, or theatre growing up. Regardless of whether you played baseball or played the guitar or played the lead role in a musical, we all had dreams or aspirations of “making it!”

“For me I dreamed of playing in the baseball World Series, for you it may have been playing in the World Cup, maybe it was winning an Oscar, Tony, or Grammy.”

“Well for all of us who do CrossFit, the CF Games is the pinnacle of the sport of Crossfit. We can all relate to what these amazing athletes are going to go through over the next few days. We may not be able to lift as much them or be as fast as them, just like I couldn’t hit a 90 mph fastball when I was playing baseball. But we all can appreciate the hard work, training, and sacrifice that these athletes have made to make it to the ultimate stage, the Crossfit Games.”





Tune in to watch the individual, team, masters and teen competitions live on the CrossFit Games website and on Facebook.
In addition, CBS Sports Digital will stream up to 40 hours of live event coverage of teams and individuals on and the CBS Sports app.

CrossFit will use Facebook update groups to let people know when events are live, so be sure to join and set your notifications so you don’t miss the best action. Known events and times will be scheduled in advance, and the Studio team will break live announcements as they happen on site. For full schedule information, download the CrossFit Games app or visit

* Please note the Games will take place in Central Standard Time.



New for 2017: Fans can catch two hours of competition coverage on CBS Sports Network at the end of each day of competition, Aug. 3-6, starting at 10 p.m. ET. And don’t miss the live coverage on Saturday, Aug. 5, on CBS Television at 1 p.m. ET/12 p.m. CT (also available digitally on CBS All Access).

The CrossFit Games stream is available for free on and the CBS Sports App for mobile and connected TV devices (OTT). OTT devices with the CBS Sports App include Roku, Apple TV (3rd gen. and 4th gen.), Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One and Windows 10. No authentication or sign-in is required to view this stream on any device. CBS Sports Network is widely available through all major cable, satellite and telco distributors. Use the CBSSN channel finder to find your channel. CrossFit will also be added under “Watch” on the CBSSN homepage once coverage begins.














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